Cort L100P

An affordable sub $300 parlor guitar with solid spruce top, featuring the same build quality as what you’ll find on other more expensive made in Korea acoustics that they’ve produced for other brands.

Ibanez AVN1

Underneath the AVN1’s traditional look is Ibanez modern guitar building technology, giving players the chance to enjoy an instrument that feels “old” without sacrificing reliability and sound projection.

Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar

The Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar is a true to form blues box, with looks and shape inspired by parlor guitars from the early 1900s. As expected from this Godin sub-brand, this guitar is built using the company’s more reliable and consistent manufacturing technology, resulting in a true old school / new school parlor guitar hybrid.

Luna Trinity Parlor

The Luna Trinity Parlor is a unique looking parlor guitar with an exotic knot sound hole. It will easily stand out from among the crowd, just like how it looks so different when compared to the other guitars that we featured. And the best thing about it is that you can wield this eye catching parlor guitar without having to dig a hole through your pocket.

Seagull Entourage Rustic Grand

Seagull Guitars, a sub brand of Godin, has been providing guitarists with affordable yet high-quality Canada made instruments. They offer a number of parlor guitars, one of which is the Entourage Rustic Grand, carrying the same distinct design as other Seagull models, but with a smaller body.

Ibanez AVN3

It’s amazing how the Ibanez guitar brand comes up when talking about modern electric guitars and traditional acoustic guitars! While their more popular works are indeed electric guitars, they have been successful at preventing their brand name from being pigeon-holed into a particular instrument or musical style. Now the company continues to produce a wide array of quality and affordable instruments, and the AVN3 parlor guitar is but one of them.