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Luna guitars offer some of the most unique looking guitars in the market, featuring non-conventional shapes, sound hole design complete with artsy ornamentation. They are not ashamed to add artistic sensibility into their instruments, and they do so while keeping the price affordable.

Luna Trinity Parlor

The Luna Trinity Parlor is a great example of their design philosophy, it is a unique looking parlor guitar with an exotic knot sound hole that will easily stand out from among the crowd. You can easily see how it looks so different when compared to the other parlor guitars that we featured. And the best thing about it is that you can wield this eye catching parlor guitar without having to dig a hole through your pocket.

The most notable feature of this parlor guitar is its Trinity “Celtic Inlay” knot work sound hole, which is crafted from rosewood and features mother of pearl borders. It will surely have both guitarists and non-guitarists wondering and curious about the instrument. As a bit of trivia, the four smaller holes actually add up to having a similar size as regular sound holes.

The company had this to say about the Trinity sound hole: “Easily the most recognizable and ancient Celtic knot work design of all, it is a knot with no beginning or end . . . a continuum of many meanings. Like all Celtic knot work, it symbolizes the never-ending, eternal cycle of life. It has symbolized the three phases of woman(“maiden, mother, crone”) the family (“mother, father, child”) as well as the three planes of existence “body, mind, spirit”. Since the fourth century it has represented the triplicate nature of the Christian faith, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Contrasting the guitar’s special sound hole is a familiar combination of spruce and rosewood. The top of the guitar is crafted solid spruce, while the back and sides are made of rosewood, the dimensions of which is 39″ x14″ x 3.67″.

This parlor guitar strays away from traditional specs, sporting a long scale length that measures 25.5″, and a nut width of 1.6875″ – both of which are very similar to regular sized acoustics. This means that the Trinity Parlor will be feeling and playing much like its dreadnought counterpart. The mahogany neck is topped by a rosewood fretboard, which matches the bridge and headstock.

For plugging in, Luna equipped the Trinity Parlor with a B-band preamp and pickup system, which comes equipped with an equalizer to let you shape your tone. It also comes with a phase button and a nifty tuner. The company also offers a USB output option for this particular model. Luna’s mother-of-pearl logo and brush nickel tuners wrap up the guitar’s features.

If you are looking for a visually striking instrument, you should check out the Luna Trinity Parlor.


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