About Us

We’re a small team of guitarists who are enthusiast about the modern revival of the Parlor sized guitar.

Alexander Briones

Alexander is the Editor of this website. When he's not adding new guitars to the parlor guitar database or writing new blog posts he can be found playing in his home studio. In his spare time he also teaches guitar and bass. You can send him a message via the contact page. If you're interested in advertising here, please send us a message.

Jason Horton

These days Jason is primarily a nylon string guitarist having played electric and bass guitar in bands in the past. He helps out on the content side of Parlor Guitars as well as the promotion and advertising side of things.

Daniel Barnett

As well as playing both electric and acoustic guitar, Daniel has a background in computer science. He takes care of all the technical aspects of the web server and the hard core programming.

Advertising Notice

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