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Wild Cherry


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Godin’s Seagull sub-brand is all about providing more traditional looking quality instruments at very affordable price points. And what makes them cooler is that they are the few affordable guitar instruments that are still being made in North America, to be precise in Canada. This means that the Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG gives you the chance to own a genuine Canada-made parlor guitar that’s really affordable.

As we all know by now, guitar builders have joined the offshore manufacturing trend to cut cost and remain competitively priced. However, the luthiers in Godin’s Princeville Quebec facility was able to achieve what others can’t, in that they are able to mass produce guitars within North America territory without jacking up the price too much. As such, the Seagull series remains a strong contender in the entry level to mid-tier market, well known for their build-quality and consistency, which translate to great tone and playing experience.

The Excursion Natural Grand SG showcases the level of quality that the company can produce at the entry level market. The top, back and sides are all crafted from a 3-layer laminate of real locally grown hardwood – Canadian Wild Cherry. This particular wood is described as being an in-between of maple and mahogany in terms of looks and tone, and it has been a distinctive factor that easily sets Seagull guitars apart from other acoustic guitars. And since this particular model features a compact parlor size body, the guitar’s voice emphasize the mids more, complementing the natural brightness and snap of the wild cherry body.

The neck is crafted from silver leaf maple and is joined to the body via Seagull’s integrated set neck joint at the 14th fret. Nut width is 1.72″ which is ideal for players who are looking for a more traditional nut width, at least when compared to other more eclectic Godin acoustic models. It has a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard and Compensated Tusq nut by Graphtech.

As expected, this guitar comes with an unmistakable Seagull look, complete with the brand’s unique thin headstock shape. So if you are looking for a more traditional looking parlor guitar, then this may not be what you’re looking for, but the design philosophy and essence of affordable mail order parlor guitars are present in this instrument.

Other features include rosewood bridge, burn stamped soundhole rosette and a semi-gloss custom polished finish. This particular Seagull parlor guitar is also available as an acoustic-electric model, with built-in Fishman Isys+ electronics that come with a built-in tuner and bundled with TRIC case.

The Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG is currently retailing for just under $350.


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  1. I have one of these guitars. To me it sounds great, especially plugged in and it is a couch friendly size. A lot of guitar for its size and price.

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