Guild M-20

Guild brings back the parlor style guitar M-20, this time manufactured at their California, USA facility, featuring an all-solid-mahogany body and retaining the look and feel of the original M-20 which was released back in the late ’60s.

Takamine P3NY New Yorker

Although a bit bigger than the usual parlor guitars, the Takamine P3NY “New Yorker” is the smallest body type that the company offers, and as such it is labeled as a parlor-style acoustic. The name is further justified by the overall vintage appeal of the instrument, which includes an elegant looking slotted headstock.

Takamine P3NY New Yorker

Blueridge BR-341

Affordable all solid wood parlor guitar with a historic appeal inspired by instruments from the early 1900s, featuring solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.

Bedell Coffee House Parlor

The Bedell Coffee House Parlor brings back the folk and acoustic blues tone of the past, in premium hand crafted quality. Built using materials and wood that are reserved top tier instruments, along with attention to detail expected from boutique instruments.

Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Parlor

The Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe parlor is the company’s flagship parlor guitar model, featuring all-solid wood body construction, built-in Fishman electronics, vintage style aesthetics and lots of visual embellishments

Martin 000-15M

The story goes that the first Martin 000-15M was developed in the ’30s during the great depression, when guitar builders were forced to build stripped down-models that people can actually afford. Impressively, this small bodied guitar is still part of Martin’s production line, many decades after. As the label implies, this guitar features a 000 (triple “O”) body, which is smaller than their standard dreadnought and orchestra shapes but bigger than traditional parlor guitar shapes.

Washburn WP11SNS

Washburn was one of the first few guitar manufacturers to take advantage of the current renaissance of parlor guitars. The WP11SNS is but one of their extensive line up, an affordable solid cedar top equipped parlor guitar with aesthetically pleasing vintage style cosmetics.

Kala Parlor Guitar

Kala Brand Music is more popularly known for their ukuleles, but they also have an entire line dedicated to acoustic guitars. As expected we took interest in the recently released Kana Parlor, their short scale parlor guitar with solid cedar top.

The Loar LO-215

The Loar LO-215 is a parlor style guitar that retains a longer dreadnought scale. It is essentially a cross between a dreadnought and a parlor, having a small vintage style guitar that is louder because of the longer shape, and having a longer scale length that will make transitioning easier for players of regular sized acoustics.