La Patrie Motif


La Patrie (Godin)




Solid Cedar


Wild Cherry


La Patrie Motif

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  1. I just wanted to say I’m a singer from Australia. Started playing keyboards, tried steel string guitars but hated the brightness. I tried a lapatrie godin etude in a music shop, and bought it straight away. It did approximately 100 gigs for me each year for 5 straight years,and travelled thousands of kilometers and varied climates, til the pickup strip split. I’d tried other friends nylons w a pick up, and just didn’t mess around. Went straight back in and bought a new Etude. Ironically, it had the same 5 year life span on the road with me. I’m now looking at your motif range. Just wanted to say thanks for such great, beautiful,reliable no fuss guitars. Plug in and go. For at least 5 years anyhow. I’m sure if it was just home or studio use, they’d have more longevity. I travel 50,000 kilometers each year, so thanks from the east coast of our land down under. These guitars have had so many compliments at all my gigs, and I’m not some prodigy guitarist, just plucking, finger strumming rhythm player mostly. Bye

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