Ibanez PN1MH




Gloss Polyester







The Ibanez PN1MH embodies what a “blues box” is, but with Ibanez’ modern playability added into the mix, an easy-to-play guitar that punches above its affordable price tag.

In its pursuit of affordability, Ibanez adopts sustainable alternatives to traditional tonewoods, opting for sapele for the top and nyatoh for the back and sides. This choice, while cost-effective, doesn’t compromise the guitar’s overall performance, making it a solid choice for those seeking both value and playability.

Visually, the PN1MH boasts a slim, sleek body design with retro-inspired appointments, exuding an old-school charm. The neck, in true Ibanez fashion, is exceptionally playable, offering a comfortable feel that caters to musicians seeking a budget-friendly parlor guitar, ideally suited to serve as a primary portable and beater acoustic companion.

Build quality stays true to Ibanez’s renowned commitment to high quality and easy playability.

One noteworthy aspect is the attention given to the tuners, an area often overlooked in entry-level acoustics. The PN1MH excels in maintaining tune stability, outperforming many counterparts in its price range. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the trade-offs, and at this price point, some minor cosmetic inconsistencies are par for the course.

While there may be compromises on volume and cosmetics, the Ibanez PN1MH is a commendable choice for those who want an easy to play and affordable parlor guitar,

The complete specifications of this guitar is available at Ibanez.


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