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5 thoughts on “Gibson L-00 Standard”

  1. Bought a L-00 yesterday. Previously have owned a D35,D28, Taylor 814 and numerous less expensive acoustics. Currently own a J-45 and GSMini Koa. The L-00 is pound for pound the best axe I’ve ever owned. Playability, tone, versatility…I just can’t put it down. Volume and bass more than acceptable for a L-OO body. Finger pick, flat pick, strum; it does it all and I can Sit and play it for hours because my shoulder doesn’t get sore like it does when it’s draped over my big J-45. I’m fussy about my actions and have taken all my other guitars to a luthier for adjusting. The L-OO came set up perfectly. It will be past down through my family for generations. I give it five + stars. Joe W.

  2. I bought this the guitar last week and canny put her down. Punchy of sound, the smaller body is very comfortable and she actually makes a great stummer, not just then the blues and picking styles she is often linked to. Finish is very classy, the softened fingerboard edge is very pleasing and allows easy movement. Not plugged her in yet, and am confident she will be fine. I know you pay for the name, and the L00 2016 std feels worth it!

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