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Parlor Guitar Cases

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While parlor guitars are known for being durable and reliable they still require secure storage and protection that the usual soft gigbags are not be able to provide. Unfortunately finding a parlor size guitar case that will let you fit your instrument snugly can be quite a challenge, especially since the size of parlor guitars tend to vary depending on the manufacturer. So here I have presented my recommended parlor guitar cases that you can use to fit your small sized or 3/4 sized guitar.

Gator Gwe-Acou 3/4 Hardshell

Godin TRIC Parlor Deluxe Case

Gator Mini Acoustic Gig Bag

Superior CD-1513 Deluxe Case

Type: Hard Shell Type: Hybrid Type: Gig Bag Type: Hard Shell





Simple and sturdy traditional looking hardshell wood case designed specifically for parlor guitars. Thermally regulated hybrid guitar case that uses high-impact resistant polypropylene material. Gig bag with backpack straps and reinforced carry handle which fits 1/2 to 3/4 sized guitars. Classic style hardcase with arched top that offers improved protection for your precious instrument.
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Detailed Information About Each of These Parlor Guitar Cases:

Gator GWE-ACOU-3/4

La Patrie Std V1052

Gator continues to be one of the leading brands when it comes to instrument cases, and as such it is only natural for them to produce smaller hardcases for 3/4 size guitars and more importantly parlor guitars. And this particular case allows many parlor guitars to fit nicely including the Gretsch Jim Dandy, Art & Lutherie A&L AMI and other models that follow the smaller more traditional sizes.

To be sure that your parlor guitar will fit into this case, here are the interior dimensions: Upper bout - 38" H x 10-1/4" W, Middle bout: 9-3/4" W, Lower bout 13-3/4" W x 4-3/4" D. It can accommodate guitars with a body height of 19".

The Gator GWE-ACOU-3/4 is essentially a smaller version of their standard hardcase, featuring the same reliable design as its bigger counterparts. It is built using the same 3 ply Laun wood construction with Tolex PVC covering that provides ample protection against the usual bumps, scratches and damaging elements when traveling. It also comes with contrast stitching to highlight the guitar cases shape and features an ergonomic matching handle. If you're looking for an affordable and traditional looking hardcase for your parlor guitar, check this one out.

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Godin TRIC Parlor Deluxe Case

Godin TRIC Parlor Deluxe Case

Godin is known for their modern and unconventional approach to guitar building, and this same drive for innovation has spilled over into the way they design and build their guitar cases. A great example of this is the TRIC Parlor Deluxe Case which features high-impact resistant Expanded Polypropylene - the same shock absorbent material used in car bumper cores and bicycle helmets. This ensures that the TRIC case provides more than enough protection against the usual bumps that musicians experience on the road.

On top of being virtually indestructible, the label TRIC stands for "Thermally Regulated Instrument Case". Each case is temperature tested from -35°C (-31°F) and up to +65°C (+150°F), to ensure that it case can withstand extreme conditions, while keeping your guitar sheltered and protected. Godin was able to accomplish all this while maintaining the case's lightweight and comfortably soft profile.

Various parlor guitars from Larrivee, Seagull, Martin and many more have been tested to fit snugly inside this case. Here are the internal dimensions: Body Length-20″, Lower Bout-13″, Upper Bout-9.5″, Body Depth-4.25″, Total Length-39″. Although a bit bulky and not as affordable as the others in this list, this hybrid guitar case provides the best possible protection for your parlor guitar in my opinion.

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Gator Mini Acoustic Gig Bag - Gb-4b-Miniacu

Gator Mini Acoustic Gig Bag

Although gig bags are not suitable for throwing in the back of the van when you're going on tour, they are the perfect light-weight solution for carrying your precious guitar around on foot, catching public transport, or going for a drive in your car to gigs and rehearsals. They're also great for protecting your guitar's finish from dust when you're not using it.

Gator is one of the leading brands when it comes to gig bags and guitar cases, and they have designed their Gb-4b-Miniacu for flexibility by accommodating a wide range of small guitars from 1/2 to 3/4 size and by providing adjustable backpack style straps in addition to a regular handle which is reinforced.

The interior measurements are as follows: 38" long, 14.75" across the bottom bout and 11.5" at the upper bout. The entire gig bag has 20mm of padding and the bottom, bridge and headstock areas are reinforced for added protection. It also has a mesh front pocket for storing your accessories such as tuners and spare strings and a small zipped pocket for you picks. Lastly, it's less than half the price of most hard shell cases.

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Superior CD-1513 Deluxe

Superior CD-1513 Deluxe

Although not as popular as other brands, Superior Instrument Cases have a wide range of hardshell cases that cover the many various shapes and sizes of acoustic guitars - including mandolin, ukulele, banjo, resophonic and parlor guitars. All of which benefit from the stronger and more elegant looking arched top design, as well as the sturdier heavy duty 5-ply all-wood core structure that makes it ideal for both transport and storage purposes.

The Superior CD-1513 Deluxe is meant for 0-style (Martin shape) guitars and has been tested to accommodate a wide range of parlor guitars including the Alvarez AP-70, Washburn Parlor, Blueridge Historic Parlor and a Martin O-18 to name just a few. The instruments mentioned fit the case perfectly, so you make your guitar safe without worrying about it being too tight or loose inside the case.

If you are looking for a classic looking hardcase for your parlor and you're not sure which one to pick, just check the dimensions of your guitar if it matches the models mentioned above then you will find this particular guitar case to be more than satisfactory.

About the Different Types of Parlor Guitar Cases

Traditional hardshell wooden cases will always look good and never go out of fashion, they also provide solid protection for your instrument when traveling. On the other hand, hybrid "semi-hard" cases are modern alternatives that provide the same if not improved protection, without the heavy hard shell covering - making them more comfortable and lighter to carry at the cost of reducing outward ruggedness.

If you're going for a more traditional look to match the vintage appeal of parlor guitars, wooden hardshell cases would be your choice, but if you're looking for a comfortable and reliable way to transport your instrument regularly, you should consider hybrid cases, and if you mainly carry your guitar around by walking then a gig bag is your best option due to their light weight and backpack straps.

Final Words

I trust that the information you found here is helpful, after all I've been playing and carrying guitars around for many years and I know how important a protective guitar case is. If you have any questions or want to suggest other parlor sized guitar cases, you can post them in the comments below.



Gator GWE Acou 3/4

Hi. Am I right thinking your pictures of the GWE Acou 3/4 and Superior CD 1513 Deluxe cases transposed?

Parlor guitar sturdy gig bag

Hallo, I have just bought a Blueridge BR341 and I'm looking for a fitting, reasonably priced but sturdy gig bag to carry it around (even on planes as hand luggage): any suggestions?

Deluxe Superior

Some sellers ship the Blueridge BR341 with a Deluxe Superior case, so seems to be the safest pick.

Case for Gretsch Jim Dandy

Hey, just wondering if you know whether the Jim Dandy fits in the TRIC case? Thank you!

It will fit but...

Looking at the specs of the Jim Dandy:
Body Length 18"
Body Width 13"
Body Depth 3.875"

It looks like it will fit into the parlor Tric case, but not snuggly. A simple workaround is to fill the extra spaces with cloth.

Case for Gretch Jim Dandy

If it was a 10 dollar difference between the two, which would you personally go with?


Case for Ibanez PN1

Which of these cases do you recommend for an Ibanez PN1?
Total L is 38", Body is 18.25" with upper bout of 8.5" and lower bout of just 12".

Bag/case for Ibanez PN1

I think the Gator GB-4G-MINIACOU fits perfect for the PN1.

Case for Ephiphone EL-00 Pro

I have been looking for a light weight molded hard case,can't find the right size. Total L 40.5''with upper bout of 11'' and lower bout 15.5'' body length 19.375'' and depth 3.75''.I have looked at the Ephiphone case but it's too heavy.

1997 Seagull Parlor Guitar

I have an older Seagull Parlor, from the late 90's.
Anyone know which case will fit this best?
Thank you!!

Good fit?

Hi there! Thanks so much for all this info. I'm trying to figure out if my Recording King, Dirty Thirtiess single 0 guitar would be a good fit for the TRIC case. What's your opinion on that?
Thanks in advance!!

Sorry for the late reply, I

Sorry for the late reply, I tried looking around for the specifications of its body size but there's not much information. I recommend getting the correct specifications from the manufacturer so you can compare it with the cases listed here. Hope you find what you need!

Republic Highway 61 resonator

hi there, any chance this guitar might fit this case, having a damn hard time trying to find a hard case for this guitar, my kids have given it a good blow from time to time, any help apprecited

I suggest getting the

Based on the specs that I saw from a retailer, it is smaller than most parlor guitars, but I suggest getting the measurements from the guitar manufacturer for accuracy. Then compare it with the internal measurements of the cases. It'll be hard to find one that fits snugly, but there are simple workarounds (like stuffing the spaces with cloth) - as long as it does fit into the case.

Republic 61

Gator parlor case fits great.

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