Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top




Vintage Sunburst







4 thoughts on “Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top”

  1. I too bought this as a couch guitar while working from home during COVID. I have several >$1000 guitars but wanted one I could leave out or take with me and not have to worry about. It required a bit of set up out of the box but now I have a hard time putting it down:

    Neck: I tightened the truss rod a bit with the included tool to reduce some bowing/lower the action

    Frets: The frets felt a bit coarse when the strings rubbed against them. I took some super fine sandpaper and fine steel wool and polished up the frets to clean them/smooth them out.

    Saddle: I ordered a replacement bone saddle (Blisstime 2 Sets 4pcs 6 String Acoustic Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut Made of Real Bone: , ~$9) and sanded it down to lower the action to where I like it.

    Strings: I always put flat wound strings on small body guitars … they really mellow out the tone. I prefer D’Addario Electric Guitar Chromes Flat Wound Jazz Lite, .011 – .050, ECG24 ($14)

    So for an extra $25 and a little bit of time (never a bad thing to spend some time getting to know your new guitar) I’ve got a $160 guitar that’s a joy to play and I don’t have to stress about keeping it safe.

  2. This is the only guitar I’ve ever purchased without playing ahead of time (Due to Covid). Based on reviews it seemed like best quality for least amount of money. Overall I’m quite disappointed – I guess I shouldn’t be as it was so cheap but all the reviews I read made me expect more than I received. It feels quite cheap in the neck, the frets don’t feel smooth (especially when bending) and it has an odd hum to the sound – but that may be appreciated by some. Overall I wish I spent more and got a better guitar. The reviews are good generally of it but temper your expectations – it is still a cheap guitar.

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