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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made history when he played the Larrivée P-01 inside the International Space Station (ISS) for a video to help NASA figure out more ways to make life in space better and more bearable. The video was a cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity", and in it you can see Chris' parlor guitar floating around inside the ISS, and eventually played by Chris right before the instrumental section. Thankfully, this guitar is not just for space-noids, because Larrivee has made a special edition re-issue available for us surface dwellers.

As expected, this video got the world a buzz with life in space, and with the small bodied guitar that Hadfield brought with him to space. Larrivée themselves confirmed that the demand for their instruments sky rocketed after the video made the rounds in social media and the news. And many specifically wanted to have their own P-01 parlor guitar, the same one that Chris Hadfield used.

In line with this, Larrivee produced a limited run re-issue of the P-01 ISS, 150 of which were signed by Chris Hadfield himself. As expected, these collectible guitars commanded a very high MSRP of $1549 (without pickups) and $1849 for the model with built-in electronics.

For the premium price tag, there's nothing particular special about the guitars specifications, with its spruce top - mahogany back and sides configuration. So it is more of the exclusivity and legacy that makes this instrument special.

The neck is crafted from mahogany, while the fingerboard, bridge and headplate are made from ebony. It has a short scale length of 24"and a nut width of 1.75", and the neck joins the body at the 12th fret, following traditional parlor guitar builds.

Other features include X bracing, multi-strip rosette, ivoroid fingerboard binding and heelcap, bone nut and compensated saddle, 16:1 ratio chrome tuners and composite bridge pins.

If you haven't seen yet, or you want to refresh your memory, check out the Larrivee P-01 in space action below:

I've seen regular Larrivee P-01 guitars being sold on eBay for under $700, but the ISS version still commands a premium reselling price of $1,162. For more information on the this special limited run parlor guitar, you can head over to Larrivee Guitars


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