Cort L900P-PD VS




Vintage Sunburst


Solid Cedar




Cort L900P-PD VS
Cort L900P-PD VS

This parlor guitar is part of Cort's Luce Series, invoking vintage style designs while utilizing modern production methods. The L900P is as old school as it can get, with its 12-fret neck joint, slotted headstock, vintage style sunburst, and '30s era parlor guitar body shape.

Instead of using spruce which is common with steel string acoustics, the L900P features a solid cedar top as normally seen on nylon string classical guitars. This choice of wood gives this parlor guitar a mellower and warmer tone, which complements the emphasized mid-range that small body guitars are expected to produce. The top is supported by modern advanced scalloped X-bracing to give it the reliability and resonance of modern guitars.

The back and sides are crafted from paldao, a hard and dense wood that has similar characteristics to koa, including in appearance, which adds to the overall elegant appeal of the instrument. The company describes the resulting sound as having a sweeter top-end, slightly rounder and fuller sound, with bright high-mids and clear lows.

The neck is crafted from mahogany, joining the body at the 12th fret, following the designs of instruments from what many consider as the golden age of guitars. It is topped by a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, with a slightly wider nut at 1.75", and a scale length of 25.3" - these imply that playability will be similar to regular sized guitars and the wider string spacing is meant for fingerstyle playing.

Like always, I want parlor guitars to have slotted headstocks, so I'm happy that Cort used pre-war 1920's slotted headstock design on the L900P. There's even a vintage-style triangular head volute on the back of the head which adds to its overall premium appeal.

Other features of the Cort L900P include water buffalo bone nut and saddle, Grover vintage tuners and a rosewood bridge. Cosmetic appointments include white binding around the top, fingerboard and headstock, Snowflake inlays, and Avalon rosette. Finally, this particular model comes in a vintage style sunburst finish that complements its old school appeal.

The Cort L900P is currently retailing for just under $500. For more information, you can head over to Cort Guitars.



I recently acquired this, a

I recently acquired this, a wonderfully resonant guitar which is pretty loud for it's small-ish size. Equally beautiful for fingerpicking melodies or strumming chords. Love it.

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