Cordoba C10 Parlor




High Gloss


Solid European Spruce


Solid Indian Rosewood



When looking for nylon string guitars, you'll most likely end up looking at one of Cordoba's many instruments. And as expected, they have parlor size nylon string guitars in their line up, of which the Cordoba C10 is included, featuring premium all-solid wood body at a reasonable price point.

This guitar starts off with a solid European spruce top and solid Indian rosewood for the back and sides, and one look at it shows how elegant and premium the instrument is. This is obviously not something you want to just be lying around the couch, but it's not so fragile as to leave it on a glass display.

And it's not just all looks either because the combination of rosewood and spruce complements nylon strings really well in terms of tone, resulting in a classical guitar that's articulate with percussive attack. It also helps that that the body is smaller, around 7/8th of a regular sized classical guitar, giving the guitar enhanced mids with balanced warmth and lows.

The Cordoba C10 Parlor's neck is handcrafted from mahogany and topped by an ebony fingerboard, providing the same premium look and feel as the body. It meets the body at the 12th fret with a 24.8" scale length. To give your finger ample space, the nut width is 1.96", with a string spacing of 2.24" at the saddle. The resulting playability does not stray from traditional classical guitars, so adjusting from a regular sized one would not be an issue.

Check out the official demo video of the Cordoba C10 Parlor

Since this guitar is part of Cordoba's Luthier series, the C10 Parlor is built using Spanish heel construction. The top of the guitar is first attached to the neck, then the sides are added, and finally the guitar’s body is completed by the installation of the back. According to the company, this construction technique "allows the entire instrument to vibrate as one unified piece".

Other hardware include rosewood bridge, bone nut and saddle, maple binding and it comes bundled with Cordoba's lightweight but sturdy polyfoam case. Rounding up the features of this guitar are aesthetic touches that include the mother-of-pearl weave rosette (inspired by a 1920’s Domingo Esteso guitar), and Mother-of-Pearl side fret-marker inlays at frets 5, 7, and 9.

The Cordoba C10 Parlor is currently retailing for just under $1060, for the complete specifications and other details, you can visit Cordoba Guitars.


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