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Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar

Art & Lutherie is one of the many sub-brands of Canadian guitar manufacturer Godin Guitars, featuring traditional style acoustics that stray from Godin's edgy and non-conventional designs. As expected, it has its own line of Parlor guitars called "Ami", which follows the dimensions of parlor guitars from the early 1900s.

The Ami Cedar is one of the many parlor guitar variations that they offer, and as the name implies it features a solid cedar top. This particular choice of top tonewood is works well with the guitar's small body, resulting in a warmer tone with a bit more bottom end when compared to spruce topped parlor guitars. It emphasizes the lower mids to produce a fuller tone (for its size) ideal for fingerstyle, folk, slide and blues.

To ensure quality and reliability, the solid cedar top undergoes pressure testing. It is then paired with wild cherry back and sides, a favorite tonewood of Godin, used on many of their instruments. Both the top and back feature cream binding, adding to the overall traditional appeal of the instrument.

The neck is crafted from silver leaf maple and joins the body at the 12th fret, much like many vintage parlor guitars. Both the bridge and fretboard are crafted from rosewood while Graphtech Tusq is used for the saddle and nut. It has a short scale length of 24.75" and a 1.72" nut width, making this guitar very easy and comfortable to play. My only complaint is the use of a square tapered headstock, instead of the more appealing and vintage looking slotted headstock design.

Check out the Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar in action:

The guitar's small body and short scale design make it very easy to carry around and comfortable to play. On top of the convenience it brings, the Ami Cedar's tone has inspired many busy guitarists to take their time and write up consistently good reviews. Many testify that more than being a convenient couch guitar, it has an inspiring sound that will be hard to put down.

The Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar comes in antique burst and black finish, while a spruce top equipped variant is also available with burgundy finish. There is also a nylon string model with cedar top.

Finally, the Ami Cedar comes with a very affordable price tag of just under $350, especially considering that this is handcrafted in Canada and features a solid top.



I bought one in like new

I bought one in like new condition at a church auction for $37. It was missing a string and it is green so no one really noticed it. I have always loved smaller guitars because they can be kept right next to me on the sofa. It was a great find and I have enjoyed it greatly. esp for the price I paid. I had been looking for a godin ami for a while because I love Godin products.

My wife expressed interest in

My wife expressed interest in learning to play a few years ago and wanted her guitar to be "small and cute." She picked out an A&L Ami Wild Cherry with a natural finish at a local music store for around $300. We brought it home and she never really stuck to it, so I inherited the instrument. I didn't replace the strings, and I would pick it up and play it once in a while, but was never pleased with the tone. Well, today I got around to re-stringing the guitar with a set of Ernie Ball Phosphor Bronze Alloy light gauge 2148's, and man what a difference. What a nice rich tone for such a small guitar. Can't put it down! -B.

I picked the little guy up

I picked the little guy up from a "Halla Halla" pawn shop guy for 115. it had hairline cracks along the neck assembly and would not stay in tune. I crazy glued the cedar Lutherie up and changed the strings to ultralight as a band-aid solution and she now sounds better than my Gibson late fifties hummingbird. I'm thrilled.

These things are a rare

These things are a rare hidden gem in the small guitar realm. Bought a first generation a number of years ago and love it to death. Had a second one, last / final generation fall in my lap yesterday. A good cleaning and a few tweaks and I have my new favourite guitar. Thanks Godin.

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