Alvarez MPA66 Masterworks Parlor




Shadowburst Gloss


Solid African Mahogany


Solid African Mahogany


Alvarez MPA66 Masterworks Parlor
Alvarez MPA66 Masterworks Parlor

Alvarez continues to produce premium build instruments at more reasonable price points, and this includes their parlor guitar line up. The Alvarez MPA66 is part of this line, it boasts of all solid tonewood body and impressive cosmetics, features that you'd have to pay top dollars if built by more established brands.

There's just no replacing good old all-solid wood guitar builds, they just sound better and in my experience are more responsive than the typical non-solid tonewood acoustics. The best way I would describe it is that the instrument feels more alive, since you will feel the improved vibration over the top, back and sides. This advantage of all-solid wood applies to Parlor guitars just as well, and the Alvarez MPA66 is an excellent and accessible way for guitarists to own and play one without breaking the bank.

This guitar features solid African mahogany for the top, back and sides, and I'm going to repeat again that this is a combination that complements the instrument's small size really well. Instead of the treble emphasis of spruce, mahogany offers a tamer and warmer sound that better rounds out the midrange heavy sound of parlor guitars. The top is also supported by the company's FST2M (forward shifted x) bracing system which improves articulation and response.

The neck is crafted from one piece mahogany which is then finished in 50/50 semi gloss. It is topped by rosewood fingerboard with a 12th fret abalone inlay and it follows traditional specs with a short scale length of 24" and a comfortable nut width of 1.75". Like other short scale parlors, playability should be pretty easy, but note that some adjustments will be needed when transitioning from bigger acoustics.

Another notable feature found on Alvarez line of instruments is how aesthetic features are not compromised. This parlor guitar stands as a good example, coming with Paua abalone & Mother of Pearl inlays, 1.5mm Paua abalone purfling, acacia Koa bindings and rosewood headstock plate. Other features include a Bi-level rosewood bridge, die-cast Gold tuners with ebony buttons and ebony bridge pins.

The Alvarez MPA66 Parlor is currently retailing for around $600. You can head over to Alvarez Guitars for further details.



I own one of these and it

I own one of these and it truly is great bang for your buck! Highly recommend checking it out.

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