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Parlour Guitar R314KK

The Washburn R314KK is an affordable instrument that has the look and sound of century old parlor acoustics. It’s small and slightly elongated body together with its vintage finish and distressed hardware make it appear smaller than it actually is, giving it a convincing classic appearance, similar to vintage parlor guitars from the 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

Sporting a spruce top, trembesi back and sides, ebony fretboard, and bone nut/saddle – this guitar has the right materials placed on where it matters the most on an acoustic – the soundboard, and on the points where the strings meet the neck and the body. This results in an authentic vintage gnarly tone that matches its classic looks, you’ll definitely have to play some old school licks once you have this in your hands.

As for playability, the guitar has a mahogany V-shape neck with a nutwidth of 1.89″ and a short scale length of 24.75″, giving it the same feel as old parlor instruments. If you are looking for an affordable parlor guitar with genuine historic vibe, then you should get the Washbrun R314KK, you’ll even haveenough extra money for accessories and spare strings


4 thoughts on “Washburn Vintage Series R314KK”

  1. I just bought one of these models new and had to return it. It’s a very nice guitar, solid tonewoods, lovely sound and a great size but mine had very poorly built neck. I’ve been an amateur Luthier since the 70’s and made a few guitars over the years and the neck on this was BAD. Bent upwards at the body joint and concave at the first 5 frets at the head. The truss rod was loose so someone tried to sort out the concave first 5 frets, but even with 11-55’s it wouldn’t pull up. Either way the upward angle from the body joint was there to stay. Even the edge line of the side of the neck weaved in and out – schoolboy mistakes ffs! Most first time builders use a straight edge and are overly careful to get it right.

    website –
    A real shame as I loved the sound and feel, really very nice to play. I guess you win some etc. I think I may get another but not mail order.

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