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Wild Cherry


Parlor Guitar seagull-s6-grand-gt-qit

While other guitar brands play usually it safe, Godin is one that doesn’t shy away from innovation, rather they built their name on oddly shaped guitars. On the flipside, they also appreciate classic designs, only these are made available via their sub-brands. Case in point is the S6 Grand Sunburst GT QIT, which oozes with old school charm, while still injected with modern build quality and electronics.

Underneath the custom sunburst finish and parlor guitar shape, this guitar has an innovative pressure tested top that Godin designed to find the right balance of rigidity and resonance. This means that the solid spruce top feels right at home out of the box. The top also features a unique compound curve design that improves structural integrity, allowing for thinner bracing that results in increased resonance. This feature alone, easily makes this guitar stand out from the sea of conventionally built guitars. The back and sides are crafted from a 3-layer laminate of real hardwood wild cherry, which again adds to structural integrity and completes the elegant parlor guitar shape of the instrument.

The neck is made from silver leaf maple, with a shorter scale length of 24.84″ and a comfortable nut width of 1.72″. It has a rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets, and it joins the body at the 14th fret following more modern designs. The headstock follows the narrow Seagull shape, which incidentally I’m not too keen on, but to be fair, it does look good. The neck should also feel good since Godin have them hand finished at their factory. Check out the Seagull S6 Original Grand in action below:

Giving this old school guitar its modern voicing is the Godin Quantum IT electronics with built-in tuner. This allows you to turn this couch friendly guitar into a stage worthy workhorse. This is always a welcome addition so you won’t have to upgrade your guitar in case you want to play a parlor guitar on stage.

Arguably, the most important feature of this guitar is its reasonable price tag, it is currently retailing for a mere $579, which is quite a steal considering its features and quality – especially when you consider that these are made in North America, compared to others in the same price range that are made by contracted offshore factories.


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