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Seagull is an acoustic guitar line from popular Canadian guitar manufacturer Godin. While Godin is known for modern and unconventional designs, the Seagull line does not stray too far from traditional acoustic builds, utilizing familiar body shapes. Each Seagull guitar carries a distinct headstock taper and a slightly curved top, that sets it apart from other acoustic guitar makers.

Seagull Coastline Grand

As expected, Godin has expanded the Seagull line to include compact parlor style guitars, and the Coastline Grand is one of them, an instrument that combines elements of vintage parlor guitar design with the company’s innovative approach to guitar building.

The top is crafted from solid cedar that were pressure tested for rigidity and stiffness, where it had to meet the company’s requirements. The parlor guitar’s top is then compound-curved to improve improved structural, allowing for thinner bracing than conventional flat top acoustics. This uniquely Seagull design is made possible thanks to computer modeling and testing, which the company says result in optimized internal bracing and better soundhole design.

The back and sides of the Coastline Grand is built using laminated wild cherry, a favorite tonewood of choice by Godin. This wood is known for delivering a tone that sits between warm mahogany and bright maple. The body is shaped into what a compact version of what the company calls as Grand body shape, which essentially makes this their modern take on the parlor guitar design.

The guitar’s set neck also carries over the company’s modern neck and body joint technology, featuring dual-function truss rods that help resist twisting and warping, and simplifies adjustments. The neck is crafted from silver leaf maple and topped by a rosewood fretboard. The modern design of the neck is contrasted by its slimmer, more traditional nut width of 1.72″. Graphtech Tusq were used for both the nut and the compensated saddle on the rosewood bridge.

Another uniquely Seagull feature that this parlor guitar inherits is the uniquely tapered headstock which puts the tuners in a straighter angle with the nut. This results in a straighter pull that reduces stress on the strings and helps improve tuning stability. If you’ve been wondering what the deal with the Seagull headstock shape is, now you know the answer.

Finally, this affordable parlor guitar is handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, much in the same manner as other Seagull guitars. It is built to the quality standards that the company has been improving for over 25 years now. The Seagull Coastline Grand is currently retailing online for just around $410. You can visit Seagull Guitars for further information.


17 thoughts on “Seagull Coastline Grand”

  1. “…silver lead maple…” That should be silver “leaf” maple. I don’t think they would be allowed to sell necks with lead in them! 🙂 I’m putting this on my list of Seagulls to check out.

    1. I’ve had that small guitar from Seagull for around 20 years. Professional musicians have played it at house parties all night. It has a really nice sound, and has never given any trouble.
      I can’t play, but other people like it’s sound.

  2. I bought a used version 20 years ago. This became my favorite guitar. The cedar top showed deep wear, but it just got better and better. Left it in an unlocked car. I miss it.

  3. This is my favourite guitar of the dozen that my wife believes is too many (if the choice were her or the guitars then…).
    It’s incredibly easy to play and super-comfortable to hold. It has tons of volume and single-string lead cuts through group sessions like grass through a goose. It’s a little miracle.

  4. Being a sales associate at a major musical instrument retailer I am constantly looking for good buys on used gear. Two of my acquisitions are Seagull guitars, a ’96 Rustic S6, and a Coastline Grand QI. The S6 is my everyday go to guitar. The QI, my only parlor. Question-The QI strings seem extremely tight when tuned EADGBE. Is this the correct tuning for this guitar, and what are the recommended string gauges? Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at [email protected].
    Thank you,

    1. Alexander Briones

      Unless labeled otherwise, parlor guitars are expected to work best in standard tuning. It’ll be best to contact Seagull about the default strings they put on the guitar, and use something similar.

      You can also go for lighter string gauge, if you don’t mind that it’ll have some impact on the overall sound.

  5. Dig this guitar; well-balanced tone. Can’t seem to find a soundhole pickup for it, though (3.5″ is smaller opening than most)

    1. Alexander Briones

      Another option is to use an undersaddle pickup system with soundhole mounted controls, I had one installed on my parlor guitar and it installs discretely and works nicely.

      1. Put a set of K&K Mini’s in mine and is perfect. Simple install, took about 45 minutes. Perfect simple contact pickup, no volume, tone control or preamp. K&K has them but many mixed reviews. Works fine direct into PA but even better with a preamp/DI on the floor. You’ll be surprised how big the guitar will sound and the tone is great with the K&k Mini’s. Great for solo or duo shows.

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