Rainsong NP12 Nylon String




High Gloss Urethane


Unidirectional Carbon Fiber


Carbon/Glass Hybrid


Parlor Guitar np12 carbon fiber 1

Rainsong built their reputation on quality guitars that utilize non-traditional materials, and they are the most familiar name when it comes to carbon fiber guitars.

Interestingly they have a parlor guitar with nylon strings in their line up, the NP12, a modern take on traditional 12th fret neck joint parlor guitars.

The guitar’s top is crafted from unidirectional carbon that mimics the tight grain of a spruce, and used the company’s lightest soundboard. This combined with the state of the art hybrid carbon fiber and glass body results in a parlor guitar that’s surprisingly articulate, balanced sounding and loud.

Playability is more akin to steel string parlors than classical guitars, having a scale length of 24.875″ and a narrower nutwidth of 1.75″.

In addition to the above features, the Rainson NP12 comes with Fishman electronics that make it a stage worthy instrument.

The obvious downside to this modern nylon string parlor guitar is its premium price tag, but since this guitar is virtually unbreakable and requires zero maintenance, you are certainly getting your money’s worth.

You can find detailed specifications at Rainsong, but if you’re looking for something a little more affordable then see our guide to Nylon String Parlor Guitars.


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