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Peavey’s popularity encompasses multiple types of music gear, their biggest contribution however is their amplifiers. In addition to that, this big company produces various types of guitars and interestingly one of which is the Peavey Composer, an affordable parlor guitar that strays from conventional design, sporting an offset soundhole.

Like most manufacturers, Peavey’s entry into the parlor-size market is one that targets beginners, students and experienced players who are looking for an affordable and compact guitar. Well they are not known for producing premium priced acoustics, so it’s only expected that they went for an entry level acoustic – still it is quite surprising for them to go with a parlor guitar shape, even with all the modern implements. The result is a parlor guitar that’s truly unique from the others and does not cost an arm and a leg.

Being an entry level instrument, this guitar comes with cost-effective all-laminate body, with the top being crafted from spruce. Obviously, this can be an issue for purists, but ironically, this type of affordable setup is actually better represents what old mail-order parlor guitars were all about – cheap instruments that anyone can buy and play – and have fun doing so.

As mentioned, the guitar’s parlor shape does not follow vintage specimens, rather it looks original with its offset soundhole and cutaway design. Normally, I’d complain about these features, but since it is the first I saw one on a parlor size guitar, then its a welcome change of scenery from the usual shapes that the market has to offer. For its size, this guitar has quite the volume, with emphasis on the mids and mid-highs.

The Peavey Composer’s neck is crafted from eastern mahogany and has a scale length of 24.75″. It has a rosewood fingerboard with a total of 18 frets, and joins the body at the 12th fret. The guitar’s wide cutaway scoop allows for easy access to the upper frets of this instrument.

Check out the official video demo:

Other features of this parlor guitar include satin finish neck, white binding along the body and fingerboard and a sunburst satin finish. It ships with a back-style gig bag which packs the lightweight instrument neatly and lets you travel with the guitar comfortably.

The Peavey Composer Parlor is currently being sold online for just under $200, and is available in either sunburst as shown above or natural finish. For more information on this unique looking parlor guitar, visit Peavey.


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