Martin 0-28VS




Polished Gloss


Solid Sitka Spruce


Solid East Indian Rosewood


Parlor Guitar martin-028vs

There’s no denying the influence that C.F. Martin & Co had on acoustic guitars, as proof many guitar manufacturers today are either copying their building technique or adding subtle variations. As such, part of the rich history of the company includes vintage parlor style guitars.

Looking at their current production line, the Martin 0-28 Vintage Series is the smallest full size body guitar that the company offers – and as such the label parlor guitar applies. Interestingly, the “0” shape was previously the biggest size guitar that were built during the time of C.F. Martin Sr.

Being part of the Vintage Series, this guitar is inspired by pre-World War II shapes and utilizes quality tonewoods that give the guitar an overall vintage appeal and tone. The shape of the guitar is inspired by the paror guitars that were prevalent from the 1870s to the early 1930s.

We were so impressed by the 0-28VS that we named it one of the best parlor guitars currently available.

Matin 0-28VS
The number “28” indicates that this guitar is build using Martin’s “Style 28”, one of the many styles that represents wood combination, binding and other visual appointments. To give you a hint, vintage and modern stye 28 Martin guitars are highly regarded, with many considering them as among the best in their collection.

Like other style 28 guitars, the 0-28VS features a solid Sitka spruce top, paired with solid east Indian rosewood back and sides. It has a v-shaped neck that is slightly wider than typical acoustics but not wider than classical guitars. The fingerboard is also made of solid tone wood, specifically black ebony and has a scale length of 24.9”, 12 frets clear, and 1 7/8″ nutwidth.

Aesthetic appointments include an elegant slothead headstock, herringbone top trim, zig-zag back purfling, grained ivoroid healcap, and diamond and square fretboard inlay markers. The guitar looks museum ready, but is not as fragile as actual vintage instruments. Check out the video demo below:

This premium instrument commands a premium price tag; the Martin 0-28VS used to have an MSRP of $4799. It’s a discontinued product, but you can still get it from some retailers at a higher price.
Head over to Martin Guitar for the complete specifications and other details.


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