Parlor Guitar Database

Here we have setup a convenient way of viewing and sorting the parlor guitars that we have featured. You can search for particular characteristics like the top and body material, finish and brand. You can also sort the list by their price tags. This will be helpful if you are looking for a particular parlor guitar or are trying to compare multiple ones with the same features.

Guitar Name Brandsort descending Finish Top Body Price
Takamine GY93E Takamine GY93E Takamine Gloss Solid Spruce Rosewood back with quilt maple center $580.00
Tanglewood TWJP Tanglewood TWJP Tanglewood Natural Gloss Solid Cedar Amara/Spalt Mango $690.00
Tanglewood TW40 PD Sundance Delta Tanglewood TW40 PD Sundance Delta Tanglewood Natural Gloss Solid Mahogany Mahogany $622.00
Taylor TSBT2 Taylor Swift Baby Taylor Taylor Natural Spruce Laminate Sapele $329.00
Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany Taylor GS Mini-e Mahogany Taylor Natural Varnish Mahogany Sapele $599.00
Taylor XXXV-P Taylor XXXV-P Parlor Taylor Natural Gloss Solid Sitka Spruce top Solid Madagascar Rosewood $3 950.00
The Loar LO-215 The Loar LO-215 The Loar Vintage Sunburst Solid Sitka Spruce Flamed Maple $449.99
Washburn WP11SNS Washburn WP11SNS Washburn Natural Satin Solid Cedar Top Mahogany $299.00
Washburn WP55NS Washburn WP55NS Washburn Natural Satin Koa Koa $391.00
Washburn R360K Parlor Resonator Washburn R360K Parlor Resonator Washburn Vintage Solid Spruce Trembesi $599.00
Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Parlor Guitar Washburn Vintage Series R314KK Washburn Aged Spruce Trembesi $499.00
Washburn WP26SNS Washburn WP26SNS Washburn Natural Solid Cedar Rosewood $399.00
Washburn R319SWKK Parlor Washburn R319SWKK Parlor Washburn Aged Satin Solid spruce top Solid Trembesi $599.00
Washburn R320SWRK Washburn R320SWRK Washburn Vintage Solid Spruce Solid Rosewood $649.00
Yamaha CSF-60 Yamaha CSF60 Yamaha Tobacco sunburst color Solid Sitka Spruce Solid Sapele $500.00