Washburn R320SWRK






Solid Spruce


Solid Rosewood


Washburn R320SWRK
Washburn R320SWRK

Washburn is somewhat of an undercard when compared to big name acoustic guitar makers, but they have some of the best bang-per-buck guitars in their line up. The quality and look of their instruments are also top notch, yet they are able to sell their guitars at a lower price points. A great example of their work is the Vintage Series, of which the R320SWRK is a part of.

Washburn R320SWRK

The Washburn R320SWRK, which we've named one of the best parlor guitars, is an all-solid tonewood parlor guitar that has premium vintage appeal, without the premium price tag. It is crafted using the latest guitar building technology, made to resemble Washburn instruments of old while having improved reliability and playability compared to expensive vintage counterparts.

It starts with all-solid wood appointments, with the top crafted from solid spruce, while the back and sides are crafted from solid rosewood. The top features modern scalloped braces using quarter sawn Sitka Spruce. This tonewood combination is normally only available at higher price points, but the company was able to make this instrument more affordable and accessible.

The neck is crafted from mahogany, carved into a vintage "V" shape. It is topped by an ebony fretboard with 18 frets. Nut width is 48mm while the scale length is 24.75", giving the neck a comparable feel to that of a standard sized guitar.

To hide away the modern inner workings, the guitar comes with a vintage finish and distressed hardware. Other aesthetic appointments include abalone rosette, open-gear tuners, Tree of Life fingerboard inlays, white binding on the fingerboard, and a vintage style binding for the top. The resulting look mimics the appeal and vibe of a 100-year old parlor guitar that's been well-played.

My experience with Washburn tells me that this parlor guitar will easily exceed expectations, you'll be getting more from your money without having to carry a cheap looking instrument. Check out the Washburn R320SWRK in action below:

The Vintage Series R320SWRK parlor guitar is currently retailing for $649. More information is available at Washburn.



Yes, it is still part of

Yes, it is still part of Washburn's line up of acoustic guitars.

I had this guitar. Loved the

I had this guitar. Loved the neck, even with the extreme V, and it's quite wide. But the sound was just kind of dull and lifeless.

I have le little sister of

I have le little sister of this guitare (R314KK). What stings would you recommand ? Thanx

I have silk& Steel, and it

I have silk& Steel, and it sounds great, especially with finger picking. Bright and full for its size.

Parlor guitars do have

Parlor guitars do have different a unique boxy, almost hollow sound, a bit closed, which might be what you're referring to when you say it's dull. Sounds amazing under a slide. Listen to the 320 weep in this sound track and how it has as rich, warm sound! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tq3s7JX2vM

You can't expect a parlour to

You can't expect a parlour to sound as open as a 000 or dread., but I have to agree that it is not the most open parlour I've ever played (it seems to be a tad over-braced), but it does compete in its price-point very well. When I say it's not the most open, I don't mean it sucks...it sounds very good and authentic to the parlour sound. My wife bought me one for Christmas 4 years ago (maybe 3? it was first year of production). I play it and I love it. Polished it to a semi-gloss and I don't baby it. The top shows wear VERY easily, but it adds to the look--it is supposed to look over 100 years old after-all. I like it.

I agree with this comment,

I agree with this comment, Marty. I like the tone, and have enough dreads so that, if I want that open would, I’ll play those, but have played little guitars with more sustain and richer tones.

It is also eye catching. Should it matter? I don’t know, but it does to me - I love looking at this guitar.

I can't imagine how anyone

I can't imagine how anyone could not like the sound of these guitars, unless they have a duff one. My R320 absolutely sings. It obviously doesn't have the throatiness of a Grand Concert or a Dreadnought - but that's the whole point. I'm using Elixirs on it, and it's better for recording than my Martin GPC..

I just picked one of these up

I just picked one of these up last week. The thing plays like a dream and sings like a bird. I love the shape of the neck; it's so hard to find anything with a nice wide, sharp V profile built in the last 90 years. I feel like Washburn really delivered on the promise of vintage feel with modern playability.

As for the sound, I think it's a fantastic example of the parlor tone. It's not as commanding or "open" as a dreadnaught or 000, but it's not supposed to be. This guitar does country blues, folk, or any type of fingerstyle playing exceptionally well. The small body handles subtle dynamic differences better than a larger-bodied instrument, as well as giving more defined note separation. Notes that would get lost in a dread get projected with clarity out of this little box.

To add to all this, the guitar is absolutely beautiful. Real show stopper. For the money, there really isn't anything that can compete with it in its class.

Just purchased an RS320. This

Just purchased an RS320. This is a great looking guitar with a very special sound. I bought a previously owned one through a reputable store. I do not like the steel strings.
Can anyone recommend good string for this instrument????
Also, does anyone know what type of strings were originally used on this guitar 125 years ago?

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