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Luna Gypsy Mahogany Parlor
Luna Gypsy Mahogany Parlor

Having been founded and headed by Stained Glass artist Yvonne de Villiers, Luna Guitars have made a name for themselves by providing guitarists with uniquely ornamented instruments. Because of this, their instruments are easily distinguishable from the usual conventional look that other manufacturers implement.

More importantly, Luna Guitars were able to design and produce unique looking instruments while keeping the price affordable. The lower price point makes most of their guitars appealing to beginners, while more experienced players are tempted by the company's unique ornaments. Thankfully, among their line up is an all-mahogany body parlor, which comes from their affordable Gypsy line.

The Luna Gypsy Mahogany Parlor is surprisingly elegant looking for its price tag. Its compact shape, nice looking wood grains and celtic rosette all blend together nicely resulting in a very presentable instrument that looks far more expensive than it actually is. And it's not just looks, because the mahogany body gives this instrument a warmer tonality that works well with the midrange focused sound of small bodied guitars.

The neck is also crafted from mahogany, following the all-mahogany route, while the fingerboard is made from rosewood. Surprisingly, Luna Guitars went for a playing feel that is similar to regular sized instruments, giving this guitar a scale length of 25.5", and a nut width of 1 11/16". This means that minimal playing technique changes are needed when transitioning from a standard sized acoustic to this parlor guitar.

Further cosmetic appointments include rosewood stringers at the back, Luna's signature moon phase fret markers and finally, the celtic-inspired rosette design. Because of its smaller body, this guitar is easy to carry around, and can also work as a grab and go couch guitar. Since it doesn't look cheap at all, it will easily fit into your living room, serving as a nice furniture when not being played on.

If you are looking for a parlor guitar and you want something that has a playing feel that is similar to standard sized instruments, this is a nice looking and more importantly, affordable, option. It's unique look will also have your guitar friends curious if not downright envious, especially if they find out how much of a bargain it is.

The Luna Gypsy Parlor Mahogany is currently retailing for $179 or less.

For further details, you can visit Luna Guitars.


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