James Neligan LIS-PFI Parlor


James Neligan


Natural High Gloss


Solid Spruce




James Neligan LIS-PFI Parlor
James Neligan LIS-PFI Parlor

James Neligan as a brand started in 2007, with the aim of producing affordable solid top acoustics guitars in various shapes and sizes. While their lineup is not as extensive as what big brands offer, they do offer an acoustic-electric parlor guitar with solid spruce top, dubbed the LIS-PFI Parlor.

This guitar is part of the LISMORE Series, which come in other variants that include dreadnought, auditorium and mini-jumbo. All of which feature Fishman pre-amps, solid spruce top and a clean natural look. This model was produced because of the current resurgence in demand for parlor style guitars, and it's not surprising that their clean build and affordable price tag makes this instrument quite appealing.

Having a solid spruce top supported by mahogany for the back and sides, this small bodied guitar comes with a surprising amount of projection. The resulting tone follows traditional parlor tones, being a bit compressed with middle frequency emphasis, ideal for roots folk and blues.

The neck of the James Neligan LIS-PFI Parlor is crafted from mahogany, it joins the body at the 12th fret and is carved into a C shape profile. It is topped by a rosewood fingerboard with short pearloid strip inlays on the edge. The specs of the neck is not provided, but it is mentioned that it has a comfortable satin finish and both the nut and saddle are crafted from black Tusq.

Thankfully, the headstock is slotted following traditional designs, and features rosewood veneer that makes it look more expensive than it actually is. The open gear nickel tuners provide precise and reliable tuning while matching the classic appeal of the instrument. Other cosmetic appointments include a wooden rosette, white and wood inlay purfling and wood binding for both the body and the neck.

For plugging in, this parlor guitar comes equipped with active Fishman electronics that include an under-saddle Fishman pickup, Psy 401 Fishman EQ w/ built-in chromatic tuner, Volume, Bass, Mids and Treble controls. Other nifty features of the guitar's built-in electronics include a Phase switch for feedback control and a low battery test led.

The James Neligan LIS-PFI is currently retailing for $581.



Has anyone had this guitar

Has anyone had this guitar crack from high E to the end of the guitar. Had this guitar for 3 months and it crack it's in pristine condition and is in a room with my other guitars and had no problem. Thank you for any input

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