Cort L1200P






Solid Red Cedar


Solid Rosewood


Cort L1200P
Cort L1200P

Cort is a South Korea based company that has grown to be one of the biggest guitar manufacturer in the world. They produce a wide variety of instruments, and as expected they have their own modern take on the parlor guitar, one of which is the Cort L1200P.

Cort L1200P

Interestingly, the company's main production focus is building affordable guitars for big name brands like Ibanez, Squier, G&L and many more - so if you have a guitar that is made in South Korea, chances are it is made by Cort - regardless of whatever brand label it carries! As expected from a guitar company that is known for mass manufacturing guitars, the price range of their instruments are very competitive, which helps them get the contracts from various guitar builders.

Still, the company does maintain their own brand and has been producing affordable instruments. And the guitars in particular have the advantage of utilizing the best design and building practices that they absorb from the various guitar brand contractors that they deal with! The L1200P is a good example, featuring boutique-like aesthetics and impressive tonewood selection while remaining at an affordable price range.

For just under $750, this parlor guitar features an solid wood construction, with a solid red cedar top, solid rosewood for the back, and rosewood for the sides. The body follows the shape of vintage 00-28 parlor guitars and is wrapped in ivoroid binding, resulting in a convincing elegant appeal that you normally don't get in this price range.

The neck is crafted from mahogany and is glued to the body via a dovetail neck joint. This particular parlor has a scale length of 25.3", closer to regular sized guitars. The rosewood fretboard has 19 frets and has a 45mm wide nut. Cort added an Abalone Floral Special Inlay on the fretboard and a multiple abalone soundhole rosette, to give the guitar a premium appeal.

The slotted headstock is equally elegant, featuring the same ivoroid binding and special abalone inlay. Vintage style classical tuners round up the crowning piece for this impressive looking parlor guitar. Other features of the Cort L1200P include rosewood bridge, advanced scalloped X-bracing and genuine bone nut and saddle.

See the video below and hear for yourself how warm sounding the Cort L1200P is, sort of like an between of a steel-string parlor and a nylon string guitar.

When it was still available to buy new we featured the L1200P in our Roundup of the Best Parlor Guitars.

The Cort L1200P is currently retailing for $849.



Is the L1200P Parlor going

Is the L1200P Parlor going available somewhere in the Portland Oregon area? I'd love to look, see and play one.

I want one!!!!!

I want one!!!!!
Send me any and all information and photos, including one of the back.

I just received my Cort

I just received my Cort Parlor guitar the L1200P model, in a word it' terrific. Bought it from a small locally owned guitar shop in Portland (Centaur Guitar) and was treated "extremely" well by them. And I got a very good deal besides.

Which strings do you

Which strings do you recommend for this guitar because the D'Addario EXP16 Light's wires do not seem to be the best.

I have been using Martin

I have been using Martin flexible core either light or custom light which sound a lot better than the coated strings.

I have one.

I have one.

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