Fender MC-1 3/4 Nylon






Laminated Agathis


Laminated Sapele


Parlor Guitar

Thanks to Fender’s attempt at gaining more ground in the entry level market, the company have come up with a cool 3/4 nylon string guitar, the Fender MC-1 which is technically a small classical guitar, but its small size makes it similar to nylon string parlor guitars.

This guitar is designed to compete with other student friendly guitars, focusing on affordability and playability. To keep the price competitive, Fender opted for cost effective wood materials, choosing laminated agathis for the top and sapele for the back and sides.

While on paper it may seem lack luster, the guitar’s elegant earthy look and impressive build quality makes up for what it’s lacking in materials.

Having a short scale length of 23.3″and narrow 1.69″ nut width, the Fender MC-1 is designed to make it easier for students and young players to develop their playing skills.

This is easily one of the safest options for students who are looking for an affordable, well made and easy to play nylon string guitar.

Even experienced players who are looking for a convenient nylon couch guitar will find this guitar interesting.

Fender aren’t making new ones at the moment making it hard to find in stores these days, however you can find alternatives in our guide to Nylon String Parlor & Small Classical Guitars.


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