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It’s interesting how Fender can have top dollar prized electric guitars on one hand, and have their brand name stamped on dirt cheap acoustic guitars on the other. And what’s more interesting is how they maintain quality and consistency while getting the price ridiculously low! Many attribute this impressive quality and value ratio to the great work that’s being done by the company’s team in Indonesia.

Fender CP-100

The CP-100 is a good example of how Fender can lower the price while still retaining respectable quality, an all-laminate parlor guitar that seems cheap on paper – but sounds and looks great in person. Reviews have been consistent in saying that this instrument will exceed your expectations in terms of its size and price.

Nothing out of the ordinary is used on the body, having a laminated spruce top which is supported by laminated mahogany back and sides. But for an all-laminate parlor guitar, the CP-100 sounds impressively full with a nice mid-range emphasis, thanks to its quartersawn scalloped X bracing. And since the body is all laminate, it makes for a reliable couch guitar that you can toss around without worrying because it is not as sensitive as solid wood and the entire instrument is cheap to replace should there be any damage.

The guitar’s small body paired with a 24.875″ scale neck that is almost as long as your average size acoustic, giving this small instrument the same playing feel as bigger acoustics while having a small and comfortable body shape. It has 20 frets with a nutwidth of 1.69″ and fretboard radius of 12″, and the neck feel is comparable to that of an electric guitar, easy on the hands but with a bit of bulk.

Making up for its cost-effective parts is the guitar’s good build quality and cosmetics. The body is bound and features vintage style satin sunburst finish, while the soundhole has a pearl acrylic rosette. Other features include a rosewood bridge, dual-action truss rod, rosewood headstock veneer and open gear chrome tuners.

Watch the Fender CP-100 Parlor Guitar in Action:

While the spec sheet doesn’t look too impressive, the CP-100 is one of those affordable instruments that comes out greater than the sum of its parts. It keeps other acoustic guitar manufacturers on their toes, showing how a good instrument can be produced without having to jack up the price. If you are looking for a worry-free and budget-friendly parlor guitar that is retailing for $200, this is one that you should consider.


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  1. I have a CP 100 for the last 2 years I have been playing guitar for over 30 years I have a 1995 Japanese GPX 15s Compass South a fantastic guitar but saying that the CP100 is a great guitar sounds and the playability for it’s price is so good you could play it all day well made

  2. I bought mine about three years ago when my beloved Guild went in for a regret.since then dupytrens has made it impossible to play a full scale guitar.my CP 100 gets better and better,anyone want to by an f45?

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