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Dean Guitars is easily identified by their exotic shape and metal-friendly design, but if you look at their product line up, you’ll find that they do have a soft spot for traditional style acoustics. The Dean AXS Parlor is one such instrument, featuring traditional parlor guitar build with vintage style looks, while sporting the company’s distinct headstock shape.

Dean Guitars AXS Parlor

Although priced to compete with other entry level acoustics, the AXS Parlor does not look cheap in any way. Dean’s experience with mass producing affordable instruments is put to good use in this guitar, with its satin finish mahogany top, back and sides that showcase the nice looking grains. And because of the unique headstock shape, this will not blend with the crowd, rather it will easily standout visually when grouped with other conventional acoustics.

The use of mahogany for the body and top is expected to produce warmer sounding tones, a good compliment to the expected midrange honk of small body guitars. Making this particular parlor guitar ideal for fingerstyle players, and great for contemplative and serene styles of music. This guitar is not limited to ballads, you can rock out on its regular sized 25.5″ scale neck that has a shred friendly “C” profile. The guitar’s familiar 25.5″ full-scale configuration makes it very easy to transition to, regardless if you come from electric guitars or bigger acoustics. The fingerboard is crafted from rosewood and comes with 22 total frets, and pearl dot inlays.

The bridge is also crafted from rosewood, matching the fretboard material to help both with stability, reliability and tone. Completing the guitar’s elegant appearance are the 2-Ply Black & White binding on the body and the die-cast chrome tuners.

The key feature of the AXS Parlor is its incredibly affordable price tag, at just $199. And because it is not as popular, it’s a great parlor guitar to pick if you’re looking for something fresh looking without having to spend too much of your hard earned money. Considering its full-scale playability, affordability and nice looks, this is an ideal couch guitar that you can play worry-free. And should there be a problem, you can easily replace it without having to break your budget.


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