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Whatever the brand of your guitar may be, if it says “made in Korea”, then there’s a big chance that your guitar was produced by one of the largest guitar manufacturer in the world, Cort. Various big-name guitar brands have outsourced many of their instruments to Cort, which gives the company access to so many guitar designs. Interestingly, Cort manufacturers its own line of instruments, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the design and build quality of their instruments are inspired by what they’ve been building for other brands.

As expected, Cort has its own parlor guitar line of which the L100P is part of. It is available on a sub-$500 parlor guitar with a solid spruce top, featuring the same build quality as what you’ll find on other more expensive made-in-Korea acoustics that they’ve produced for other brands.

The L100P’s solid spruce top is supported by blackwood back and sides, and are crafted into a parlor guitar shape that has a wider lower bout, following older designs. There’s nothing surprising about the use of spruce for the top because this is what most manufacturers consider as the standard acoustic guitar top.

The use of blackwood for the back and sides is intriguing, especially since it is known for its similarity to mahogany and koa. it resonates in conjunction with the solid spruce top to give the instrument a slightly different voicing.

Check out the demo video below to hear and see the Cort L100P in action:

The neck of the guitar sports a 25.3″ scale length that should feel and play closer to regular sized acoustics than smaller ones. The rosewood fingerboard has a 1.693″ nut width while white inlay dots serve as fret markers. Following traditional designs, the neck meets the body at the 12th fret and it features a slotted headstock that looks elegant. Other features include ivory binding, slotted classic chrome with brown knobs and ABS rosette.

The most notable feature of this solid-top acoustic guitar is how Cort was able to price it so low, while still retaining a vintage appeal. It would’ve been nice if it came with electronics, but for the price you’re already getting more than what you bargained for. Since it looks nice and is cheap, it can be an easy choice if you’re looking for a go-to couch guitar that you can leave in your living room.

The Cort L100P parlor guitar is currently retailing online for just under $300. For more information, visit Cort Guitars.


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