Breedlove Stage Parlor LTD




Natural Gloss


Solid Sitka Spruce


Indian Rosewood



While other guitar builders are content to simply mimic classic designs, Breedlove is one of the few that have their own designs which are original and easy to identify. Their distinct acoustic guitar styling also applies to their parlor guitars, which includes the Breedlove Stage Parlor LTD.

Thankfully, this particular model follows after traditional designs more, which gives it more of an old school look, while still carrying the unmistakable sleek appeal of Breedlove designed instruments. As the name implies, this parlor guitar is meant for professional stage use, with its all-solid wood body and built-in LR Baggs electronics.

The body of the Stage Parlor LTD follows after the sleek modern curves of other Breedlove guitars, albeit in a more compact size. It has a solid sitka spruce top, following traditional wood configuration. The back and sides are crafted from solid rosewood, something that’s normally only seen on more expensive instruments. This all-solid wood combination is known for articulation and punch, and having been used on a parlor shape guitar, it should result in improved volume and note details.

The guitar’s neck is crafted from mahogany, topped with a rosewood fingerboard. It has a total of 19 frets, and joins the body at the 12th fret, following the designs of existing vintage parlor guitars that are kept in good working condition. Another key feature to note is the nut width, which is 1.6875″. Having been built and designed by Breedlove, you can expect this guitar’s playability to be similar to modern instruments, which means that it is easier on the hands, a feature that many look for when looking for a good couch grab-and-go guitar.

LR Baggs TCV piezo pickup and preamp gives this couch guitar the ability to crossover to live stage performance. It gives you basic 3-band EQ (Treble, Mids, Bass) plus presence control, all of which are implemented as sliders. A large knob is provided for adjusting output volume while a phase switch button is provided to help with feedback problems. Finally, this guitar comes equipped with a built-in tuner, which is quite nifty for an acoustic-electric parlor guitar.

The new Breedlove Stage Parlor LTD is currently retailing for $999 online. You can head over to Breedlove Guitars for further details.


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