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Breedlove is well known for their high end acoustics, but they also have an expansive collection of more affordable instruments. Case in point is the Passport series, which showcases their ability to design and produce compact travel friendly guitars at budget friendly price points. Thankfully this line includes a parlor guitar with an all-mahogany body and built-in electronics.

The Breedlove Passport Parlor Mahogany guitar comes with a clean look that carries the subtly different shape that has become synonymous with the brand. But instead of the usual light yellowish color of spruce, this one sports a darker scheme thanks to its all mahogany body wrapped in natural satin finish.

While it may lack the balance and punch of spruce, the guitar’s all-mahogany configuration gives it a fuller and warmer tone, ideal for folk and blues players. And since it comes in a compact parlor style body, it fits the blues and folk style perfectly, a guitar that looks, feels and sounds old school.

The neck of this guitar is crafted from mahogany just like the body, but instead of going for an old school profile, Breedlove gave this guitar a slimmer neck that makes it play as easily as modern acoustics. The 19-fret fingerboard and the bridge is crafted from rosewood, a traditional feature that complements the overall look and tone of the instrument.

It would have been nice if this one had a slotted headstock, but I understand that it’s out of character for Breedlove to do so, still the neck joins the body at the 12th fret following traditional parlor guitar builds.

More than just an affordable couch and travel guitar, the Passport Parlor Mahogany is stage ready, having an onboard Fishman ISYS+ USB system. This built-in piezo and preamp electronics allow for quality plugged in tone, be it through an amp or through the PA. It even comes with a 2 band EQ for tone shaping and a handy built-in tuner. Contrasting its old school looks is a USB port that lets you plug this guitar straight to your computer for direct recording.

The MSRP for the Breedlove Passport Parlor Mahogany is $732, but you can get it online for just under $500.


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