Bedell Wildfire Parlor

Bedell Wildfire Parlor
Bedell unveiled the Wilfire Parlor, part of their Homegrown collection of handcrafted instruments that feature locally sourced tonewoods. It features US-grown solid tonewoods and comes in elegant fireburst finish that gives justice to its "Wildfire" label.

Expert Advice on Choosing Your First Guitar

6 experts provide advice on choosing your first guitar
As a guitar teacher myself, I understand the importance of starting with the right guitar. But rather than just give you my own opinions, I solicited the expert advice of six experienced guitar teachers. Each of them answered important questions that I asked on your behalf, providing professional tips that clarify important considerations for choosing your first guitar

The Long and Short of Parlor Guitar Scale Lengths

Scale Length = Distance Between Bridge Saddle and Nut
Do you consider "scale length" when buying guitars, or are you too busy worrying about guitar brands, tonewood and finish? Knowing more about this often neglected but equally important specification, will help you find guitars that you will truly enjoy playing. Here we look at the relevance of scale length when it comes to parlor guitars.

NAMM 2015 - Alvarez 50th Anniversary 1965 Series

Alvarez 1965 Series
In celebration of their 50th Anniversary, Alvarez is launching the 1965 Series of acoustic guitars, instruments that exemplify the company's five decades worth of building experience. The series feature solid-top guitars that cover all popular shapes, and obviously the 1965 Parlor guitar is of particular interest.

NAMM 2015 - 3 New Washburn Acoustic-Electric Parlor Guitars

Washburn WP26SENS
Washburn is bringing with them 3 new parlor guitars to the upcoming 2015 NAMM Show, these are based on existing acoustic-only models but now come with built-in Fishman Sonitone Electronics.

What is a Parlor Guitar?

Blind Blake with his Parlor Guitar

While there are debates as to the specific size and shape of parlor guitars, most will agree that it should be small and comfortable enough to play on your couch or your front porch. Today, the term parlor guitar covers a wide spectrum of guitar styles, from traditional western designs to eclectic one-of-a-kind boutique builds.

The word "parlor" or "parlour" refers to old reception and commerce rooms, and since these compact guitars were regularly played in these small to mid sized venues, they were labeled as such - parlor guitars. Incidentally, the bigger "concert" guitar also got its name from the venue where it was usually played in.