Parlor Guitar Forum: Would You Like One Here?

parlor guitar forum

We are thinking about starting a brand new forum dedicated to parlor guitars and we'd like to know if you're interested in joining.

There are thousands of people visiting this website each month, but before we decide to start a forum we want to make sure there are enough people who are interested in taking part because forums aren't much fun unless there are enough people participating to make them work.

The idea would be to enable you to talk about anything related to parlor sized guitars, ask questions, share pictures, tell others when you have any guitar gear for sale, and just generally enjoy hanging out online within a community of like-minded people.

So if you would like us to start one, please say so in the comments below.

If you are also interested in becoming a moderator of the parlor guitar forum, please say so in your comment.



I'll join

I'll join up when it starts


I must be pleased to be a member into the forum.

parlor guitar

I be pleased to be a member.

Please keep the expressions

Please keep the expressions of interested coming - once we get enough people interested we'll start the forum.

Very Interested

Would love to join. I'm on the fence and I'm looking for feedback on the Gretsch 'Jim Dandy' G9520 vs. the Recording King RPH-05.

Sign me up.

Sign me up.



cort l1200p guitae

Love the looks, style and woods used. Just cannot find out anything about it, is there anybody that is using one? How about an in depth study on one? I think I would like to buy one but cannot find a dealer that has one in Portland I like to hear them before I buy. Sign me up for the forum.

Cort L1200P

We do have more information on this model - See Cort L1200P.

I hope that helps a bit.

Parlor guitar forum

The net needs a Parlor guitar forum, your blog is a great place for one, imho.

Thank you

Thank you Mr303 - we are seriously considering launching the forum in early 2016 if the interest is there, and it starting to look like there will be enough people wanting to use it.


great idea. Count me in.
Blueridge BR-341

Parlor Forum

I've bought a Larrivee that is somewhere though USPS isn't saying. I'll join the new forum.

new parlor forum

would like to have a forum about parlors, thank you.

Would love to see a forum

Would love to see a forum here. I'll join if you set one up


parlor guitar forum

I've just bought a Blueridge BR341 (amazing guitar): a forum about parlor guitars would be great.


Take me to the forum

small sizes, smart sounds

I would love to be part of this community. Greets from Italy.


i'd join!

string spacing


Hard to find string spacing (E to e). Never mentioned in specs online. Would appreciate to find a comfortable model for finger picking playing : I need more than 38mm/1.49" at fret zero and more than 56mm/2.2" at saddle.

I guess the following models could match : Washburn Parlor R/WP, Framus FP-14, Gretsch 9511, other? any help?

string spacing - news

String spacing at nut/saddle in millimeters (billy is... French ha ha) :

FRAMUS FP14 : 38,5mm / 55 mm
GRETSCH G9500 : 36 mm / 54 mm
GRETSCH G9511 : 36,5mm / 57 mm
HOHNER ER-S0 : 36 mm / 55 mm
JAMES NELIGAN PARLOR : 36 mm / 54 mm
VGS (GEWA) R45 : 38 mm / 55 mm
WASHBURN PARLOR Rxxx : 40 mm / 60 mm
WASHBURN PARLOR WPxx : 37 mm / 56 mm


Looking for recomedation

Greets from Argentina
Mi interested in buying a parlor guitar
Te models that i can muy in Buenos Aires are this:
Gretch 9500, 9511
Fender pm2 and pm2deluxe
Art&luther roadhous blue discret
Cort ap550 vb
Ibánez pn12e and avn9spec
Sigma 00m sts

I play it all except the Ibánez
The fender pm2 si way out of my ritch in terms of price
In my opinión The art&luther is the one with better build and finish and I love his sound but i woud love to have te advice of experts

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