Bedell Wildfire Parlor

Bedell Wildfire Parlor Parlor Guitar

Bedell unveiled the Wilfire Parlor, part of their Homegrown collection of handcrafted instruments that feature locally sourced tonewoods. It features US-grown solid tonewoods and comes in elegant fireburst finish that gives justice to its “Wildfire” label.

Bedell Guitars are known for featuring high quality tonewoods on their premium instruments. In line with this they named an entirely line of guitars based on where they sourced the tonewoods from, which in this instance came from locally sourced tonewoods, and have was aptly named the Homegrown Collection.

Now the company is adding three new acoustic guitars into this collection, one of which is a hand-built parlor guitar that feature US-grown solid tonewoods, including the solid Adirondack spruce top and big leaf maple for the back and sides. The body is then wrapped in elegant fireburst finish which gave this parlor it’s name.

The Adirondack spruce used in this parlor guitar is the same one used in the past by American guitar builders. And since its source is suffering from some decline, the company opted to utilize Adirondack spruce that were harvested from deteriorating old-growth stands. And to do just that, they joined forces with Old Standard Wood.

John Griffin of Old Standard Wood said, “Old Standard Wood specializes in the direct select harvest of Adirondack from deteriorating old-growth stands…this is the spruce used in the ‘golden era’ of American guitar building. We are working closely with Tom Bedell to save the very few instrument-grade spruce from these dying stands of wood, giving them another life in Bedell Guitars.”

Bigleaf maple (also called Oregon maple or broad lead maple) is considered as one of the most plentiful American hardwoods, thriving in a variety of soil and environment conditions. It will literally survive by itself with stumps refusing to give up and growing a number of new shoots without the need for human intervention. Because of its widespread availability, the Bigleaf maple is a great renewable local source for guitar wood, and thankfully it’s resonant features make it ideal for acoustics, especially parlor guitars with its balanced tonality.

Fine tonewood is not enough, so Bedell’s expert craftsmen hand-tuned the top and tone bars for improved sonic balance. Even the back and the hard rock maple neck are hand-tuned to ensure both aesthetic, sonic and structural balance. Other features of the Wildfire Parlor include walnut bridge and fingerboard, 1 11/16” nut width, Tusq nut and saddle, mosaic pin inlays and maple binding.

Taking the traditional parlor guitar into the modern age, the company equipped the Bedell Wildfire Parlor with K&K Pure Mini electronics. This will let you plug-in the Wildfire Parlor into an amp or straight to PA in case you need the extra volume for whatever venue you are playing at.

The new Bedell Wildfire Parlor is currently retialing for $3,990. Like other Bedell instruments, this one is handcrafted at the company’s Bend, Oregon workshop. For more information and other details, head over to Bedell Guitars.


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