Bedell Coffee House Parlor




Espresso sunburst gloss


Solid Adirondack Spruce


East Indian Rosewood



The Bedell Coffee House Parlor brings back the folk and acoustic blues tone of the past, in premium hand crafted quality. Built using materials and wood that are reserved top tier instruments, along with attention to detail expected from boutique instruments.

Being part of Bedell’s parlor guitar line, you know that it’s not your average run off the mill production line instrument. It features hand-selected tonewood with grains that pleases the eyes just as they please the ears – while ensuring the preservation of the trees that provide them with quality wood for future generations.

The top is crafted from Adrirondack spruce that are taken from carefully and legally harvested trees. This particular tonewood is known for its clarity and punch even when the strings are heavily attacked. It is also described as being relatively heavy, thanks to its stiffness which is considered to be the toughest of all top woods. The back and sides are carved from East Indian rosewood, from trees that grew beside coffee plants in the Indian state of Karnataka, which produces over 50% of India’s coffee. And since it provides shade for their coffee plants, acquisition of old rosewood trees strict governmental regulations, of which Bedell carefully obliged to. This means that this parlor guitar is not as detrimental to our natural habitat as other mass produced guitars tend to be.

True to its name, the Coffee House Parlor guitar comes with an elegant looking espresso sunburst finish, while the hand made koa binding further enhances the overall look of the instrument. The company describes their design as a way to “revive the spirit that inspired the incredible music of the counterculture era.”

The neck is crafted from Honduran mahogany, topped by ebony fingerboard and it joins the body at the 12th fret following old parlor guitar designs. The guitar’s bone nut is 1 11/16″ wide, while ebony bridge comes with a matching bone saddle. The headstock follows Bedell’s distinct taper, with Waverly Relic Nickel tuning machines.

For plugging in, Bedell equips each Coffee House Parlor guitar with K&K Pure Mini pickups, a top rated pickup and preamp system that utilizes three transducers and installs discretely with minimal effect on the body.

The Bedell Coffee House Parlor is currently retailing fo $4,199 and it comes bundled with a fitting deluxe hardshell case. For more information, you can visit Bedell Guitars


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