Art & Lutherie AMI Nylon


Art & Lutherie


Semi-Gloss Custom Varnish


Solid Cedar


Canadian Red Wild Cherry


ami nylon parlor guitar

Art & Lutherie is just one of the many sub-brands under the popular guitar manufacturer Godin. It strays from the eclectic designs used by Godin, opting for a more traditional approach to building.

Since they offer vintage inspired designs, it is only natural for them to have parlor guitars in their production line, but they went beyond just traditional by offering a nylon string parlor guitar called the AMI Nylon.

This guitar follows the same dimensions of parlor guitars found in the early 1900’s, with the main difference being the use of nylon strings.

It sports a solid cedar top with Canadian harvested red wild cherry for the back and sides, all of which form the instrument’s compact yet resonant body.

Interestingly, the AMI Nylon’s silver leaf maple neck has a closer to standard size scale length of 25.66″, while having a classical style wild nut width of 2″.

It would’ve been nice if it were a bit cheaper, but it’s still within reasonable price range, especially considering its premium specs.

Because it has been discontinued, it’s a bit hard to find in stores these days. If you’re looking to get a new nylon string parlor then check out our guide to The Best Nylon String Parlor Guitars.


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