Alvarez Yairi PYM70




Natural Gloss


Solid Sitka Spruce


Solid East Indian Rosewood


Parlor Guitar alvarez-pym70

The PYM70 is part of the premium Alvarez Yairi Masterworks line, a handcrafted traditional style parlor guitar with all-solid wood construction and premium cosmetics. It is described by the company as the embodiment of their over 50 years of experience, combining old school style design with modern and more reliable building techniques.

Speaking of modern building techniques, the company developed their own bracing design for Yairi Masterworks guitars, which they call FSTII or “forward-shifted type 2”. It took them two years of building and testing prototypes before they came up with this design that they deem to be the most responsive and loudest among their designs. This makes the PYM70 parlor louder and more dynamic compared to other guitars of the same size.

Another unique feature found on Yairi instruments is the direct-coupled bridge, which feature an ebony block that pulls the bridge plate and top. The strings pull up on this block instead of just the bridge plate, giving the strings a more solid connection with both the bridge and top. It is said that the design allows the bride system to theoretically work without any glue because the string tension pulls the block tight to the top while simultaneously holding the bridge down. Alvarez Yairi developed the direct-coupled bridge system to help improve sustain. resonance, volume and structural stability.

The Alvarez Yairi PYM70 features a distinct extended dovetail neck block, which is another distinct Yairi Masterworks feature. It is meant to provide better support between the body and the neck, which along with the longer truss rods, account for a stronger and more stable neck and body structure.

The guitar’s top is crafted from AA-grade solid Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are crafted from solid east Indian rosewood. The body follows the traditional parlor guitar shape with a wider lower bout. The neck is crafted from one-piece mahogany topped by a rosewood fingerboard, and it joins the body at the 12th fret. Alvarez went for a clean neck look with the PYM70, choosing to just put one fret marker at the 12th fret, which features a nice graphic abalone inlay. It has a shorter scale length of 24″ and a nut width of 1 13/16″

Other features of this parlor guitar include ebony bridge, rosewood headstock plate, real bone nut and saddle, ivoroid binding, ebony bridge pins and Gotoh 510 gold tuners with ebony buttons.

The Alvarez Yairi PYM70 has an MSRP of $4199, but it is retailing for just under $2800.


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